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One of the girls wants her room decorated in teal colors.  We already found her a great desk but she needs a side table.  We had an old vanity, but the girls had outgrown it, so I decided to use the bottom for her room.  I initially was going to water down the chalk paint and wash it over the vanity but I had been reading about Annie Sloans dark wax and Miss Mustard seeds white wax to add depth to a piece of furniture.  So I said, “why not?”  Worse case scenario, I would have to paint it again.

I used a tablespoon of Johnson’s paste wax and a 1/2 teaspoon of chalk paint.  I used the back of a plastic spoon to mush (technical term) it together.  I put it on the desk using a wax brush, waited about 3 or so minutes and wiped off.  Once complete, buff the wax.


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I really like this technique.  It creates texture and dimension very quickly.  This can save a lot of money because if you use a dark brown paint it will be similar to the Annie Sloan dark wax.  Also, there are no color limitations.  You can use black, red, cream wax mixes instead of doing a wash.

Let me know what you think!


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