IMG_5258When it comes to decorating, I am not one who likes to fill every space and every wall.  With that said, I really wanted something to fill that gaping landscape that was between my first and second floor.  Our home is an open floor plan so vast, desolate terrain welcomes everyone into our home.

I love older furniture and architectural salvage in newer homes because it creates a little character where there is none.  I was initially looking for a tapestry or a couple of tapestries to stack up the wall, but the cost was not budget friendly.  So, a new direction was needed.

To see some options, my husband and I stopped a Ricca’s in New Orleans.  Ricca’s is an architectural salvage company that has been in business since 1956, and is still owned and run by a third generation family member.  We are from Louisiana so anytime we can get something from there, it is a plus in my book.  They have fabulous pieces!  Schedule a couple of hours to poke around there because the place is huge.  I didn’t take many pictures, I was too busy digging.  They had spindles, corbels, doors, windows, every type of hardware, among too many things to list. Here are just a couple of pictures.


We saw these shutters and just loved them.  After checking measurements, we were the proud owners of these reclaimed shutters!



The shutters had been painted but Ricca’s strips the old paint.  The shutters had hints of green on it and we wanted to keep that as much as possible.  However, we did have to put something on them so we decided on General Finishes Arm-r-seal.  My husband used this on a cypress table we had built and the outcome was beautiful.  Arm-R-Seal penetrates wood and creates a warm finish that is pretty hard, yet the wood doesn’t look encased in plastic like some other topcoats.  I applied with a clean clothe and wiped any extra off.  Let dry and done!  We attached the two shutters with these corner braces. The husband flattened them and we put 3 on there to keep the shutters together.

The fun part was getting the husband on a ladder on that small landing to attach the shutters. I hope this idea inspires you to re-use older architectural pieces around your home.             IMG_5202  IMG_5200 IMG_5199