IMG_4595Seaworld is not an inexpensive attraction, so I was not planning on staying more than a day. Plus, with good planning, you can hit everything there and rides several times over. I purchased everything online before we went there in order for us to save time and money on tickets. (Hint: I didn’t see this until after I purchased mine, but Denton credit union or teachers CU had the childrens tickets for $5 less each than the online price of $35).

We paid the $5 extra for preferred parking. In my opinion, worth it. We got there at 9:30 and had a perfect spot right at the front. By the end of the day, my youngest was about to give up on walking but she is too big to carry. Nice to say, “look. The car is right there”.

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I purchased 2 “experiences”. The dolphin feeding and the behind the scenes tour. The dolphin feeding was great. We got to feed the dolphin, a trainer answered questions and pet the dolphin as well. Girls loved it but it didn’t last long. I paid for all 3 of us to go. You may have to pay for any supervising adult based on what I saw while in line. Might want to call.

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The behind the scenes tour was a lot of bang for our bucks. $15 per person and lasted a little over an hour. It’s at 2 and involves a bit of walking so not for younger kids. Zach was our tour guide and he really made the tour. He was extremely well educated on marine life and I felt we learned a lot while there. We were able to pet and feed stingrays, pet a shark, go by an endangered seal tank and learn why endangered (not just “humans are bad” speech), see dolphins up close, including a baby with its mom, see growing coral, and baby stingrays. I will say that if you are not interested in this stuff, you like rides and shows, this isn’t for you. My daughters (7 & 8) loved it.  Zach was extremely patient with comments and questions, plus, we enjoyed his enthusiasm for the animals.

I learned as we went in that you are only able to take a 3oz snack per person so some of chips were taken. However, I had some other small snacks by my clothes that were not seen so I was able to keep. You can also take a lunch bag size cooler with water only.  It was very hot when we went.  I would suggest taking these frogg togg head bands when you go. I didn’t have them for this trip but I got them for others.  They stay cool for hours, are thicker than most cotton material, so they stay wet for a long time.  They really helped when we went to Universal.

I also purchased the quick queue pass but the cheaper one, not the unlimited. With all the shows and stuff, I didn’t think we would have much time. These are worth the money if you know you will be riding some rides. Even though the park was not busy at all, the rides were bc there are only 2 real roller coaster, and 2 get – wet rides. It saved us lots of time to bypass the line.

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The shows were good. Kids loved seeing the animals but the sea lion caper was the best I felt. We missed the ‘one ocean’ because of the tour. That may have been better than shamu’s story. Interesting but not a “show”.

All staff members were friendly. We had a great time. Girls will remember this experience.

Visited June 2014