My daughter decided she wanted a Harry Potter themed room and I had just the desk for her to use.  I purchased this in an “antique” store about 20 years ago and it needed a little TLC.  A mysterious someone would not use coasters on this desk and left water rings on the top.

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antique desk restore a finish antique desk restore a finish antique desk restore a finish

I am showing the hinges because I am usually a stickler for removing all doors but I was afraid if I took these off, I may not be able to put them back perfectly.

I did do my research and chose what was suggested at a local woodcraft supplier.  They had been spot on in the past so I gave their suggestion a shot.  They had suggested restor-a-finish and I chose dark walnut as the color.  You can go to the Howard website to get specific direction on application.  For water or heat rings, they suggested applying with steel wool.  I used a synthetic steel extra fine ‘0000’ and fine ‘000’.  The wood guy said to put restor-a-finish on the steel wool and rub it pretty hard in the direction of the grain.  I did this for 4 applications because I couldn’t quite get the rings out.

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He also said put a pretty good bit on, rub it in pretty hard because you’re trying to lift the wood grain a little, then wipe off. restore a finish desk restore a finish desk

restore a finish desk restore a finish desk restore a finish desk

As you can see, there are still a number of water marks still in the desk, so I can’t say this was a success.  The desk may have been too far gone for this easy of a repair. 🙂  Since it’s going to be in a girls room, I am going to wait for the in-depth repair.  The wood everywhere else looked great, though.  I would suggest restor-a-finish if you have an older piece and it needs refreshening or if the scratches or marks on it are minor.  I would also try it if I had a water ring or two.

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