I started my job as stay-at-home-mom after working most of my life.  It was fantastic being able to be more available for my family.  I was also able to pick up tennis again, which is one of my happy places.  However, I was still missing out on my project oriented nature.  And as much as my husband would like to include wiping baseboards down as a project, that didn’t appeal to my creative side.  Probably, like many of you, I had not been using many tools.   When I was single and in college, I did some things around my house, but I have a husband who is quite handy.  The need for me to bust out tools was almost nonexistent.

I attribute my change with one project.  Christmas was coming and I was trying to find a gift that the girls could play with when they had friends over.  They had a small kitchen that a grandparent gave them but it was small and they had outgrown it, as my children are very tall.  When I was looking for play kitchens, they were just not tall enough.  My girls were comfortable stirring a pot on a normal kitchen.  The play kitchens that were made for kids would have my kids bending over to use.  I thought maybe could make one.  We had been to the Children’s Museum in New Orleans and they had a very basic kitchen made of plywood but used a real sink and stove parts.  The kids loved it.  However, after looking online for kitchens to purchase, my search brought me to pintrest where people were making their own kitchens out of old entertainment centers or dressers.  I figured I would look at goodwill and see if I could find an entertainment center because that seemed easier than building from scratch.  I found the perfect entertainment center on my first trip to the Goodwill off I-10 in Houston.  I could picture exactly what it would look like when completed, and worked on this in the middle of the night in my garage.  I was so proud of myself because the kitchen turned out exactly as I had it in my head.  I couldn’t believe that I had done that!  This project gave me a new confidence in myself when I needed it most, and gave me an optimism that I had kind of lost as I had gotten older.  Now I feel as though I can do anything.  Even build a website!

So if you have wanted to try to make something, go for it!  Let me remind you, though, to always be careful using when tools.  I read directions.  Some tools are very intuitive but I read directions anyway because it makes me feel more confident when using the tool.  If it is a tool where you can really get injured (think angle grinder or nail gun), let someone know you will be using those and have them check in on you via text or something.  I am an extremely cautious person.  I may use dangerous tools but I always were safety equipment and watch youtube videos on how to use if I am unfamiliar with a tool.  Keep these things in mind and you will have as much fun as I have exploring new projects.