Harry Potter Custom Fabric Pillow/Bean Bag

When I was planning my daughters Harry Potter room, I had planned on making her a bean bag to replace a purple one.  I [...]

Day Trip to George Ranch by Houston, TX

I try to find different things to do with the kids during the summer break so it doesn't get too repetitive.  I looked [...]

Get Money Back for your Vacations! 

I know!  I should have posted this a couple of months ago, but I wanted to verify before I shared this information. [...]

Spa Birthday Party Favor Bags for Girls

My daughters have close birthdays and the poor things have had to share a birthday their whole lives!  They both [...]

Tennis Towel Car Seat Cover

Tennis car seat cover

Well, using a towel to cover your car seat isn’t necessarily novel, but sewing elastic at the back so the towel [...]