I have to admit, I am pretty proud of this party favor.  I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  I got the idea from an etsy seller who had the potions labels but they were on hand sanitizer.  Since we had kids coming that were all ages, I was worried that some of the kids might actually drink the hand sanitizer.  Is that bad to admit?



IMG_6511    IMG_6517   IMG_6518


  1.  Order test tubes from Amazon (or My Amazon Store).
  2. Order labels from this etsy seller as she already has the templets made (you’re welcome).
  3. Get kool-aid packages from grocery store.
  4. Use clear tape to attach labels.  Cover completely.  (I tried using a sticky printer label but it didn’t stick to the tubes so I used tape as an alternative.  It didn’t look as nice as I wanted but at least they stayed on the tubes.)
  5. Mix the kool-aid with sugar and add to  test tubes using a funnel.
  6. Put lid on test tube and add to party favor bag.   DO NOT ADD WATER!

IMG_6521  IMG_6526  I have water here to show you what it looks liIMG_6529ke when the kids do this at home.


IMG_6446  IMG_6442  IMG_6439  IMG_0554


On each label it says, “From the Potion Cabinet of Sofia and Madeline.  Just Add Water. Shake. Drink”  so they can pretend they are taking a real potion.  I got many compliments on this idea for parents and kids.  My girls loved the idea of taking a potion and the kids have test tube to play with later.