At our Harry Potter Party, I had the Hogwarts Express painting outside the front door.  I had the canvas brick wall over the front door, and the dragon egg on a table, but I felt the hallway needed a little more Harry Potterness.

IMG_0757         IMG_0758

I wanted to hang flying envelopes from he ceiling but I didn’t have a a ladder long enough, plus I’m not a fan of heights.  I decided to make the envelopes hang from the Chandelier, so it had the look when Harry got his acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Items I used:

1. Antique looking paper

2. Wax for sealing envelops

3. Hogwarts stamp from this etsy seller.

4. Quill (or calligraphy pen)

5. Ink, if using quill

6. Glue (I used, but this tape might be better)

7. Fishing line

8. Sewing needle

9. Exacto pen knife

10. Cutting mat

11. Envelope template (which I have save on my Pinterest page).

Download and print envelope templets.  Use templets to draw and cut out envelope shapes.  I printed several different sizes, because I wasn’t sure how everything would look.  Whatever I didn’t use for this project, I used as decorations around the house.  I used my mess-up pages from  the Harry Potter school booklets I purchased from this etsy seller (click here to see).  Cut out the envelops on the cutting mat with the pen knife.  It will take forever if you use scissors, plus I think the pen knife cuts a better line.  If you have a metal ruler, that will help keep your lines straight as well.

Fold the paper at the creases and glue together.  I used glue, but discovered this fabulous tape after I was done.  I share with you because I love.  It is called Scor-pal 1/4 inch scor-tape.  I like it because you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry on each side. I waited forever with all the envelopes I had to make.  It’s also cleaner, meaning you will not have glue “trails” everywhere.  You would cut a piece of the scor-tape, place on one side, peel back the paper and attach the other side.  The only draw back I saw from the reviews is that it works really well.  Make sure you place the 2 sides exactly where you want them, because they are permanent once applied.



I busted out my quill and ink, looked up some old documents to see how people’s handwriting in cursive, practiced a couple of times to see how the quill worked on the paper, and got to work.  I used the same wording that was used in the movies (see photo).  “Harry Potter, The cupboard under the stairs” except I used the girls names instead.


Now comes the wax.  You can get stickers that look like wax, but I love antiques and “old school” things.  I tried to go as authentic as I could without breaking the bank.  Breaking the bank would have included real old school parchment……..not happening.  I got some of my mess up papers and practiced using the wax.  It wasn’t difficult.  I lit the candle above where I wanted to place the wax, let a little drip in a circular shape, waited a few seconds so the wax wasn’t too fluid, placed the stamp on the wax, waited about 30 seconds, and slowly pulled it off the paper.  Don’t place the stamp when the wax is too fluid or the stamp will go all the way to the paper, or it will slide and you will lose the image of your stamp.  If you keep the stamp on too long, little pieces of wax will get hard in between the stamp image and you will not have a good stamp.

Once all that was done, I layed out all the envelopes the way I wanted them hanging down.  I threaded my needle with a very long piece of fishing line. I pushed the needle through the top and went to the knot.  I went up about 18 to 20 inches and tied a knot.  On the same piece of fishing line, I got my next envelope and pushed the needle through until it hit the knot.  I repeated this process and kept a little string at the top to connect to the chandelier.    I tied these to the chandelier to complete.