These floating candles turned out great.  They looked even better when it was dark and you couldn’t see the string.  Sorry I didn’t take more pictures.  It was such a crazy day, I’m just happy I got one.

My initial plan was to use bigger candles, but they were too heavy and wouldn’t hold with a push pin and fishing wire. I ended up using craft paper and these little candles.  I also started off using glue but the glue wouldn’t stick well and the glue didn’t look good on the craft paper anyway.


  1. Cut the fishing wire into long lengths.  Attach on two sides with regular scotch tape.


IMG_6568  IMG_6570 IMG_6571

  1. Cut the fishing wire into long lengths.  Enough to hang from the ceiling at different lengths.
  2. Cut craft paper wide enough to just overlap over small candle.  Cut in different candle size lengths.
  3. Wrap double sided tape around candle, keeping fishing wire out of the way.
  4. Put double sided tape down length of craft paper.
  5. Wrap craft paper around candle.  Push lightly down the length of the craft paper where it meets to keep craft paper closed.


6.  Put the candles in a box and spray adhesive on the candles.      .IMG_6577

7. Sprinkle fine glitter on the candles so they sparkle when it gets dark.


IMG_6304   IMG_6313   IMG_6578