Ameeneh Langlois


Welcome to Obsessiveprojects!  My name is Ameeneh (uh-mean-a), and I created the site to share all the research and information I gain when I start a new project.  I came up with this concept after working on two big projects and looking at numerous websites to get ideas.  I felt like there wasn’t enough specific information, like what glue did they use? So I made several mistakes which cost me money, to my husbands delight!

My goal is to share the hours of research so you don’t have to do the leg work and can skip some of the mistakes.  I will let you know what worked for me and what didn’t.  If I gain great information from a website or the website has something you might use, I will add links to that website to make the project easier for you.

So why the name obsessiveprojects?  I find my nature is to get an idea, go to many different websites, then spend almost every free moment trying to finish the project.  Sadly, I found that the most productive time for me to work is late at night after everyone has gone to sleep.  My friend, Anna, came up with the name after telling her about how many nights I went with only a couple of hours of sleep to finish a Christmas present for the kids.

You may have notice my Amazon Store.  After becoming a Prime member before Christmas 2 years ago, I seemed to have traded my Target addiction for an Amazon addiction.  I found ordering online saved me so much time.  Amazon enabled me to not have to choose between my 3 loves; my family, tennis and my projects.  Needless to say, family time and the home are the priority, but I was finding it difficult to have time for both tennis and projects.  Since I am not spending time running around for material, I can spend time creating wicked forehands or wicked party favors.  If you order items from my Amazon store, I do receive a small referral commission.  Alas, it will not cover retirement but it might cover all the oops’s on projects and some tennis balls.

Thank you for taking the time to visit