Roundtop Antique’s Weekend Visiting Tips

About 90 miles west of Houston, TX there is an outstanding antique marketplace that involves several small cities that are pretty close together.  The beauty of this antique marketplace is thats this is one of the few places I’ve been  where you can still find a good deal.  Like any antique shopping, you will have to look for them and it will take a while to look. There are over 2500 dealers!  Antiques weekend happens twice a year, in the fall and spring.  Usually the last week of March and September.

antique weekend                    Roundtop map

Each city has its own feel.  Roundtop Antiques fair in Carmine has more up scale antique dealers.  Warrenton is my favorite, though.  I think I’ve been here every spring and fall for the last couple of years. Warrenton has a good mix of traditional antiques, shabby chic, original salvage pieces down to flea market looking tables.  Shelby and Fayetteville have a very small market.  If you go to, they have a great breakdown of each city with pictures and a list of vendors that come every year.

Warrenton market is so huge, in the couple of times I have been, I haven’t even hit the tip of the antique iceberg.  Roundtop proper was neat to visit.  It was very put together but it was also much more expensive.  I like the fact that the vendors seem honest about where their pieces are from and their age.  For example, we saw a set of nice mirrors that looked old (and priced for old pieces in my opinion but I’m pretty miserly).  I asked if they were old and the vendors said the wood was old but that wood had been painted and the glass finished to add patina.  This was the case at several shops.

Wear comfortable clothing and great walking shoes.  I wore flip flops because I live in them, but when you are walking in fields, not the best choice.  The terrain is not even close to flat and may even include lots of loose rocks.  Carry a backpack with water and snacks, so you can spend money on items.  Like any day in Texas, don’t count on the weatherman.  I went in shorts one time and left early because a cold front came through early.  Look at the weather right before you are about to drive up.  I might even bring a light jacket, umbrella or light raincoat. I’ve used all on my trips here.

If you can make it to the Junk GYpSy prom party, try to go.  I have not been but have heard it is a blast.  Miranda Lambert is friends with these ladies and has been to the prom.  They have a pictures and more information at prom webpage.

Do not go on any of the main roads when driving there, especially on the last week!  You will wait forever in traffic.  If you look at a map there are all these lines that are around the main highways.  Take one of those.  That is what I did and didn’t hit any traffic. I was actually able to park in a free parking lot with easy access to a back road.  Here are some pictures.  If you click the maps above, they will take you to websites that have very specific information if you want to delve further.


IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5252 IMG_5253

IMG_5254 IMG_5255  IMG_5256


IMG_6835 IMG_6834 IMG_6831 IMG_6830

IMG_6828 IMG_6827 IMG_6826

IMG_6825 IMG_6824 IMG_6823

IMG_6820 IMG_6819 IMG_6818

IMG_6816 IMG_6815

This guy had some of my favorite stuff and I thought it was pretty reasonable.  He is in Warrenton, tx. If you come in from FM954, park on the right side parking lot.  It is an dealers parking lot and is free.  Cross to the other side of FM954.  There is a street that runs through the vendor section.  Follow that street and look to the left.  He is from Europe and usually has a container or two at his sight long with several large tents.

IMG_6839 IMG_6843 IMG_6844

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