DIY Felt Poodle Skirts


The girls school decided on a 50’s themed Father/Daughter dance.  I needed a poodle skirt.  I initially was just going to buy them from the store but ran into another mom who had just made her poodle skirts out of felt.  I looked online and it seemed pretty easy.  You will be making a circle skirt.  Don’t let everyone confuse you with the math (if math isn’t your best subject).  Some people were going into circle formula’s, etc.  I didn’t use any of that.  I just measured and used a websites magic number(6.28) which is based on all the math, but I will not go into the details .  The only note I have is make sure  you get enough felt.  You need the measurement of the length of the skirt from waist to below knee.  Double that number and that is the amount of material you will need (as long as the felt width is 72).  For example, the length I used was 27 inches, so I need 54 inches, or 1.5 yards, for 1 skirt.  (I needed 2 skirts so I got 3 yards, which is why it looks like I have so much material).

poodle skirt  poodle skirt  IMG_9659

After you buy your 1.5 yards, you will have a rectangular piece of fabric that is 54 inches by 72 inches.

Cut the 72 inches down to make a square piece of fabric that is 54 x 54.

Fold in half, and fold again into quarters.

Take waist measurement and add 2. For example, 26 +2 =28.  28/6.28= 4.45.  The 4.45 is the measurement from the corner that is needed to make the cut out for the waist.

From the corner where both sides were folded, measure and mark the waist distance.  Better to make smaller than too large.  Also, if you make it too small, cut a little off at a time in order to increase size of the hole.

Measure from the same corner and mark the length of the skirt in a circular pattern.  Mine was 27 inches.  I used chalk to connect the dots.

Cut out the pattern.


IMG_9660 IMG_9661 IMG_9662 IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9666

This is what the skirt looked like after cutting out.



I used a 2 inch elastic band and measured my waist size plus another inch for my seam.  I folded over the piece of elastic and sewed at 13 inches so I would have a 26 inch circle.  I cut the excess and sewed down so they wouldn’t scratch the girls.


Next I pinned the band to the waist section of the felt.  The hole in the felt is a little larger than the elastic band so I  pinned on the front, back, side and side.  Then, I went around and added pins in-between.  When you are sewing the elastic, you will want to pull it as you sew, stretching it out a bit.

IMG_9672 IMG_9673

IMG_9674 IMG_9675

I googled poodle skirt free poodle pattern and found a pattern I liked.  I cut out the paper pattern and used chalk to make to poodle pattern on black felt.  I hot glued rhinestones to make a collar on the poodle.

I had black ribbon from some Scottish costumes I made for the kids and used it to make a leash.  My initial plan was to hot glue this all down but the ribbon just didn’t seem like it was going to stay down.  Plus, I am not a huge fan of hot glue.  It is like the crock pot to me.  Some people have mastered it, but I can’t seem to get it to work for me in an acceptable way.  I ended up hand sewing these on but used long stitches so it didn’t take too long.

IMG_9676 IMG_9677

Here is how they turned out.  I was pretty impressed with how much I liked them.  Also, my husband told me that they were in good shape at the end of the evening.  Some of the kids with hot glue had skirt parts falling off, so it might be worth the effort to sew! 🙂


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