Cortigila Tennis Bags

I have been in love with the tennis bags this company has designed for years.  The company is owned by by a lady who is like most of us.  She started a family, and played tennis to get back into shape.  She decided she wanted a bag that was a little more fashionable than what she saw designed by the athletes or athletic companies.   She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Technology and decided to put it to use.  You can tell by the clean, but stylish, design of her bags.  I had a hard time justifying purchasing one of these for the longest time, but my lovely family got my bag this Christmas.  I have gotten several compliments on the bag and other tennis players have asked where to get one.  I am creating links for you to order these bags.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would order through my link, as a get a tiny referral commission.  It doesn’t cost you anything and the price will not be increased if you go through my link.


Cortiglia tennis bag backpack stylish

The one I use is the Cortiglia Brisbane Black Tennis Bag.  Besides the aesthetics of the bag, I like the heavy hardware, the craftsmanship and the thought that was put into the design.  It works perfectly for me.  There is enough room for my tennis racquet, balls and other small items in the center of the bag.  There are 2 zip pockets on the interior.  The outside pocket is large enough for me to put a score keeper, sunglasses, extra wrist bands, tennis net measure, and other small items without being crammed.  It also has thick metal feet so if you do have to put it on the ground, the leather and nylon do not tear.  The bag has a great shape but it is made even better because it can convert to a backpack with the thick strap that comes with the bag.  The Brisbane also comes in grey and white and navy.  Note that the navy doesn’t have the patent leather, though.

cortiglia belvedere tennis bag stylish

Another I really like is Cortiglia Belvedere Black Patent Leather Tennis Bag. It has a classic shape and looks more like a conventional bag.  It comes in red.



The bag that first caught my attention was the Cortiglia Sonoma Navy and White bag.   I have drooling over this bag for 5 years, but I just can’t haven’t been able to pull the trigger on the cost.  This bag is made in Italy and is beautiful.  It also comes in a matte black and a patent black.

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