3 Ingerdient Slime

My daughter’s class was learning about economics.  A fun way was for the kids to make a project, track their costs, advertise the product, sell (using school play money) to the other kids in class and see if they made a profit.  My youngest decided she wanted to make slime.  It was not hard at all.  What you will need is the following:

  1. Glitter glue (6 oz)
  2. Liquid starch (4 oz)  *you can get at Wal-mart for around $2.
  3. Water (2 oz)

(Note: Some slime recipes call for using Borax.  I bought Borax, didn’t use it for slime but used in laundry since I had it.  The kids had an allergic reaction to it, and after looking online, this can be common.  Just be careful if you use Borax.  FYI)

Pour glue into a bowl.  It was very tough to get all the glue out.  I initially tried to pour some of the starch into the glue bottle but it didn’t help.  I ended up using kitchen scissors to cut the top of the bottle of glue off in order to use a spatula to get all of it out.

m dawg slime recipe  IMG_9974

IMG_9978  IMG_9977

Add starch and start working it together with your hands.  We tried using a spatula and other kitchen tools but the hands work the best.  Add the water as you’re working the glue and starch together.

IMG_9981  IMG_9980

If the slime is a little sticky, add just a little starch and keep mixing.

The next difficult part was the package marketing.  First thing that came to mind was using shot cups.  They are relatively inexpensive, but looked cheap and would not hold much slime.  So my internet/hobby store quest began!  BAM! Wedding favor aisle worked out perfectly.  This aisle had several options at different price points.  We got these at Michael’s so I was also able to use a coupon.


Of course, you need a cool, attention grabbing label.  I headed to the office and looked through the stacks of different labels we have accumulated over the years, and we had clear labels!  I went to the Avery website where you can type in the label number and it has pre-set patterns for the labels.  We chose this one because it looks like paint or slime.  BTW, my daughter came up with this name.  She is a nut!

m-dawg slime

We did this for a project but this might be something you do with your kids on a hot or rainy afternoon.  My kids had a blast playing with it.  Madeline even made a Fu Manchu with our test slime.  She is going to be so excited that I shared this with everyone. 😉



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