Baby Shower Diaper Bouquet – DIY

boquet tulle exampleboquet tulle example

Supplies needed:

  1. vase
  2. foam ball
  3. roll of tulle
  4. bamboo skewers (I used 12” and cut each but my link is to 8”, which you shouldn’t have to cut)
  5. tissue paper
  6. diapers
  7. small clear rubber bands
  8. Ribbon with wire edge for vase
  9. White curling ribbon (optional for present sticks that stick out around bouquet)
  10. Baby gifts

A friend of mine was having a baby shower and I wanted to do something a little different for her.  This was baby number 3 for her, but she had a big gap between kids so I thought the every day necessities would be useful.

  1. I already had a vase (but you can get these from a craft store) so I measured the top where the foam ball would sit in order to get the right size.
  2. Put a little tulle in the bottom of the vase.  Arrange gifts, and add more tulle. Place similar colored tissue paper around the top of the vase so the foam ball and wood bbq skewers will not show.
  3. Hold the foam ball and place two of the skewers in the bottom.  Put the skewers into the vase to support the ball.  When all diapers are in, the top will be very heavy.  The skewers are what keep the ball in place so you can either fill the vase up with solid items (I used portable baby wipes and put the skewers on either side), or you can get a small foam floral block and place that in the bottom of the vase. Then, you would slide the skewers into the foam block but you would still want something with some weight over the foam block to make sure it stays in place, unless you used a foam block that went almost all the way to the top.
  4. You will need  about 40-60 diapers depending on the size of your foam ball. I liked the yellow on the end of the diaper so I took a diaper, started on the closed end and rolled towards the open side with a skewer in the middle.  (see picture) You want to roll it tight so it doesn’t slide down the skewer but no so tight it tears the diaper. Use a clear rubber band at the bottom of the diaper to hold it in place.


5. Place the skewer in the foam starting on top and working your way around.  I think it looks more natural if the skewers are not in an exact straight line. Keep going around until you can no longer see the foam ball.


IMG_9052  front                    IMG_9054   back                IMG_9057

6.  Add tulle to the top of the vase where the tissue paper is located to add volume.


7. Cut tulle into square shapes.  They do not have to be exact.  Pinch the bottom and pull the rest to the top as in the picture.  Take a skewer, put it in the center of the tulle, and push a piece of tulle between the diapers.

IMG_9059       IMG_9060   So it looks like this.  I didn’t put tulle in between every diaper. IMG_9070

8. Create skewer sticks by taking white curling ribbon and wrapping it around a skewer.  I used double stick tape at the bottom and regular tape at the top.


9. For presents, wrap in tulle. Wrap again in tulle, using a longer length, in order to be able to tie to skewer.  Attach with white ribbon and curl ribbon.

IMG_9063      IMG_9064     IMG_9065


This took a couple of hours but was a different way to give a friend diapers and a few gifts.


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