Epic Harry Potter Party Ideas

I love Harry Potter.  My kids love Harry Potter. So when we decided to have a home birthday party, we knew which direction we were going.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Birthday Party Invitation IMG_6324

harry potter birthday party hogwarts acceptance letter invitation balloon owl harry potter birthday party hogwarts acceptance letter invitation balloon owl

ticket hogwarts express platform 9 3/4   printyca party package

We started the party by sending out these great invitations.  I got a party pack of printables from this etsy seller because it is very difficult to find authentic looking Harry Potter party items (BTW- if you use coupon code obsessive15, she will take 15% off anything over $5).  The party pack didn’t come with and invitation, but it did come with a train ticket to Hogwarts.  This etsy seller made a Hogwarts acceptance letter and envelope with Hogwarts stamps. The letter had some very clever wording like, “Please arrive at Platorm 9 3/4 (currently disguised as )”.  I used this parchment paper to print letters and envelopes.

I got helium filled balloons on the day I was sending them out.  Not my most impressive work on the owl balloon, but everyone got the gist. I tied the balloons with twine and tied around the letter.  Then, the girls delivered each to their friends.

Hogwarts Express Oil Painting 9 3/4  Harry Potter Brick Wall using Pastel Colors harry potter brick wall kings cross station

As the kids came to the house, we had this big Hogwarts Express sign getting them ready to go through the brick wall. Click here to learn how to make.  I made a brick wall out of canvas fabric, split it down the middle, and placed it over the front door so the kids could mimic walking through the brick column at Kings Cross Station.  Click here to see my tutorial.

dragon egg centerpiece harry potter party   harry potter party flying hogwarts letters

When the kids came down the hallway, they were greeted by a dragon egg center piece and flying Hogwarts Letters.  Hedwig was overseeing the letters to make sure they got delivered.  Click on the highlighted words to go to my tutorial pages.

harry potter party soda drink labels butter beer recipe harry potter party

I looked up several recipes for butter beer and made a couple.  What I decided on was very simple and sweet, cream soda and butterscotch syrup.  It was so sweet!   This is the butterbeer recipe Fox gave out when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened.  I did try this but it was a lot of work and, considering we were going to have about 30 kids over, plus adults, I didn’t want to deal with that much work.   I also printed labels on full page label sheets to put over soda bottles to keep the theme going.  Look back as I am going to add a page of free downloads, but they are not mine, so please only use them for personal use.  They are given on the internet for that purpose only.


harry potter birthday party   harry potter birthday cake food   harry potter birthday cake hagrid


IMG_6321   IMG_6322

We ordered the girl’s cakes to look like the one Hagrid gave Harry in the first movie.  We made owl cupcakes like the bottom two pictures.  We took an oreo and took one side of the cookie off.  We used a little icing to stick  Junior Mints on to make the eyes.  We used M&M’s for the beaks, just using the best colors.  Then, we used a butter knife to pull the icing out a little to make the feathers.

candles tapered harry potter party decorations  harry potter party decor floating candles harry potter happy birthday banner

For decorations around the table, I used empty wine bottles (that was hard work) and melted tapered candles.  While the candle was lit, I would tilt the bottle al little to make the wax fall down the side.  I scattered extra Hogwarts acceptance letters around the counters.  I made floating candles over the dining room table. Click here for tutorial. Lastly, I placed a floating Happy Birthday sign using fishing wire.

IMG_9405  Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.10.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.11.13 PM  IMG_6431

My favorite part was making the items that went into the gift bags for the kids to take home.  I used a brown paper lunch bag and punched holes in the top so I could wrap twine around it and tie it into a bow.  I thought that had the just-came-from-Diagon-Alley look to them.  I made wands to put in the bags (click wands for tutorial), and was able to find downloadable Ollivander’s receipts and wand labels.  I cut the wand labels using a scalloped circle punch.  By the way – I don’t scrapbook but I have actually used this, more than I thought I would, for present labels.  Print these on the parchment paper and it looks fantastic.  Look for my downloads page coming soon.

hogwarts party favor school books hogwarts party favor school books hogwarts party favor school books

What good is a wand if you don’t know the spells?  I ordered these printables from this Etsy seller, and they were so popular.  At the end of the day, kids took them out and started reading the Hogwarts handbook right away.  A mistake I made was to start printing 30 copies without printing a practice copy.  I had a ton of sheets were the printing was cut off.  Oops.  Fortunately, I used  the mess up sheets as envelopes later for the chandelier project.

IMG_6446 IMG_6442 IMG_6439

harry potter chocolate frogs harry potter chocolate frogs IMG_6599

I also made these test tube potions. A lady on etsy made the labels for me and I filled the test tubes with kool-aid.  Click here to see the tutorial. I also added these chocolate frogs.  The chocolate covered frog boxes came with the Etsy Harry Potter package, I printed them up, cut them out, but had the hardest time finding a glue that would hold.  Since then, I think I have discovered a tape that will work, but I had to come up with an alternative for the party. I ordered these frog candy forms and this candy paper.  I wrapped the frogs and attached a wizard card to each frog.  If your short on time, it will work because the boxes were time consuming.



harry potter feather quill  harry potter feather quill  IMG_6453

Another item that came with the package were these paper feather quill.  You attatch a ball pen inside, close the feather and done.  However, I had the same problem as the frog boxes.  If you decide to try this, you may want to get scor-tape. It is suppose to work great for paper projects.  I ended up just getting these pens instead.

Have a great party!  If you have questions, leave them in the comments section or go to Contact Me.


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