HP Monster Book IPad Cover

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So what is a mother to do when her wonderful child says she wants a monster book of monsters iPad cover?  Search Etsy, correct.  However, the lovely lady on Etsy wanted $60 (!!!!!) for this iPad cover.  That’s so not happening.  I start trying to figure out how she did it and what do I have around here so I don’t have to do too much purchasing.  Here is what I used:

  1. Ipad cover
  2. 1/3 yard faux fur
  3. E6000 glue
  4. Fake eyes (these glow in the dark)
  5. hard plastic for teeth

I used the E6000 glue because it was waterproof and fire-resistant since my daughter would surely get it wet at some point in time.  Sometimes you can find the faux fur in the remnants section at JoAnn’s.  You may not have much choice on the fabric cover, but the cost savings may be worth it.


Place the iPad on the edge of the fabric.  I used a white fabric pencil to trace the online of the iPad on the fabric. I cut the fabric out with  very sharp fabric scissors. Make sure you push the fur back or the monster’s fur edge will have bangs.  Not a good look.


Draw out the shape of the teeth on the plastic.  Keep in mind that this plastic can be a little sharp if you make the teeth shape too pointy.  Put the plastic on a  cutting matt and use an exacto pen knife to cut.  Glue the teeth to the outside of the iPad case.

Put the E6000 on the back of the iPad, making sure that you get close to the edge so the fabric isn’t loose.  Make a zigzag pattern down the rest of the area.  Wait about 30 seconds, then place the fabric on the iPad case.

For the eyes, you will probably want to play around with the placement.  Once you decide, push the fur back and glue with the E6000, making sure that the eyes aren’t just on fur.



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