Use Ebates for all your Online Shopping

I know I have a blog on how to make money on your vacations using ebates but make sure you are also using it for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and any other online (mostly, I’ll get to this in just a minute) shopping.

Ebates gives you money back for online shopping at hundreds of stores including Neiman’s, Amazon, Tom’s, Walmart, Barney’s New York, Bluefly, etc.  Many stores have a certain percentage off but during the holidays, they have many stores that double the percent they pay you back.  I have done this for several years.  I usually look for an item I want to buy online, figure out the best website to buy from, then see if it is an Ebates store.

I said mostly online shopping because they do have several major stores that will link a card to Ebates and will give you a percentage back for your in-store purchases.  Some of these stores include Petco, Neiman’s Last Call, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, Gap and Old Navy.

Lastly, you can add a button to your computer so anytime you shop on the web, the Ebates button will be there to remind you about cash back and coupons.  I haven’t used this yet as I have not had the issue of forgetting to use Ebates.

I hope you get an opportunity to use it and get some money back from all the holiday shopping!

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