Epic app has ebooks for kids under 12 for $5/month!

I am really behind on adding posts.  Sorry!  I have been working on a ton of projects but haven’t had the time or inclination to sit down and type them up. :). I’m working on them!  However, I wanted to share this app with the parents with kids of avid readers.

I wanted to see if there was a better way to get the kids books.  Librarys are great but my kids have managed to lose a small fortune in them.  We have purchased books but the kids outgrow books so quickly that we usually have to get rid of them after a year.  I recently got this app and for $4.99 a month.  For this price, you can have 4 profiles.  So, 2 parent and 2 kids have access for that $5 per month! If buying from a retail setting, most of the pre-teen to young teen books start around $8.

The app also gives 30 days free to see if the kids will use it or have the content that they will actually read.  In addition, it does have ‘read to me’ books which is nice for kids that are at a lower reading level but would like the information.

The parent can set up an email notification that will tell you what books your kids have read, how many pages they read, pages flipped and the amount of time they spent in the book.

Epic has a wide range of books. The pictures below are some of the titles, however, keep in mind these titles are based on what my kids are reading and the preferences they set.  There are plenty of books for younger children, they are just not seen here.

I hope this saves you a little time and money!

FYI- I am not getting any referral from this, I am sharing because I love.


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