Harry Potter Custom Fabric Pillow/Bean Bag

When I was planning my daughters Harry Potter room, I had planned on making her a bean bag to replace a purple one.  I looked for Harry Potter fabric but they aren’t making any right now since there aren’t any Harry Potter movies out.  Joann’s had some several years when the movies were out and people are selling it for crazy prices on eBay.  I found a website called Spoonflower where you can custom design your own fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap for a reasonble price.  However, they have people that design fabric and you can find almost any theme.  They had tons of Harry Potter with designs for each of the schools houses.  My plan was to use the themed fabric on top and a velvet on the rest of the bean bag.

After doing a late spring/summer cleaning in my youngest daughters room, we decided instead of a bean bag, I would make a pillow for her closet to make a club house/reading area (we got rid of a ton of outgrown clothes and unused toys).   I think I may have mentioned my sewing skills are basic at best.  I could not use a pattern to save my life.  However, it was not difficult to shape out a box and sew it inside out.

First, I measured the rectangular area of the velvet material and cut that out plus an inch on each side for the seams.  Then, I figured out how high I wanted the pillow and cut that out along with an inch for seams.  This part will be in several pieces depending on the size of your pillow.



I measured the width of the pillow and sewed the seams together to make the middle section.  However, I didn’t sew it to go all the way around.  (See picture to get an in idea of what I am talking about.). I then sewed the middle section to the bottom, but just the front and the sides.  I finished the last seam on the middle section after I measured to see where it would close.  (My measuring skills include a lot of eyeballing).  I attached bottom to the middle section on the last side and the bottom part was complete.



I measured the top portion and cut out the HP fabric based on my final measurements of the bottom portion.  I cut out with and inch on each side and pinned all around inside out, except for the back.  I sewed together, attached the long zipper and finished the last side.  If you prefer, you can sew Velcro on there instead.

I had enough to add a seperate pillow to the back of her reading area.  It didn’t take long and Madeline loves her little reading nook.  And how can you not want to do wonderful things for that sweet face!?

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