Get Money Back for your Vacations! 

I know!  I should have posted this a couple of months ago, but I wanted to verify before I shared this information.  I try to look for ways to save money but that don’t require too much time.  We are all busy and I would rather spend time with family then cutting coupons (although, I will use a good coupon if it is readily available).

Anyway, I started using a website about 3 years ago called which gave you a percentage of cash back from websites you shop.  It was suggested to me by a couple that had used it for a while, because I was initially hesitant about something offering cash back for shopping.  I usually do a lot of Christmas shopping online and utilized at this time.  Wouldn’t you know it, it worked!  I had an account that was accumulating money from purchases I was already planning on making!  When the amount was enough that I wanted the check, it was sent to me.

Recently, fatwallet was purchased by Ebates.  So you go to the Ebates website, although I prefer the  app.  You can search by stores or category (example: travel and vacations).  If you are comparison shopping, you can do so, find the product, then go to Ebates and click on the store.  Each store has their own percentage back, plus Ebates will have “sales” where the percentage back may be doubled.

“How do you save on vacations”, you ask?  Well, there are several hotel and travel websites that are on Ebates. An example of how you can get several rewards based on one trip would be as follows:

1.  Go to the Ebates website (make sure you are logged in your account).




2. Go to Expedia.  The Ebates bar will be at the top which tells you that they are following your purchase.  Notice, it has a tag in the upper right corner to tell you about the deals on this website. Make sure to sign in to Expedia to get Expedia rewards.  Expedia rewards can be used as cash towards your future Expedia travel.

3.  Book your vacation. If you use a credit/debit card that offers rewards, that is another place to earn points.

Done.  It is that easy.  Three places to get rewards based on one trip.  Expedia was offering 10% back when I booked my hotel stay.  I got $28 back just from Ebates.  The amount would have been much greater had I booked flight and hotel.  Just as a note, you will not see the cash back amount pending in your account until the vacation is over.  In addition, if you feel that you used Ebates but your cash back isn’t showing, you can contact them.  I had this happen with the vacation I mentioned.  I sent an email (no waiting on the phone),  they replied via email and said the money was in my account.

Some of the percentages may seem small but it adds up if you shop online.  In addition, Amazon changes the categories that it offers cash back on.  Ebates has stores from wal-mart to Saks and men’s custom clothing stores.

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