Spa Birthday Party Favor Bags for Girls

My daughters have close birthdays and the poor things have had to share a birthday their whole lives!  They both asked if this year they could have individual birthday parties.  We decided to have a very small group of girls, have a spa theme, then have a slumber party.  I had to get the favor bags set up and this is the end result.  I wrapped these in cellophane and a ribbon at the end but didn’t take a picture before we gave them away.



First, I had to decide what to give as gifts.  I chose real spa products instead of cute, little girl products because of the girls ages.  I purchased temp flip flops, toe dividers, nail polish and bath bombs from Amazon. I also got this great nail kit that was cute but still real tools from Amazon as well.  You may be interested to know that the bath bombs were the biggest hit.  That surprised me, I thought it would have been the nail kit.  Next time, maybe just a couple of bath bombs with a mask. 😉



Anyway, after I got all the products, I had to find something cute but inexpensive to use for all the items.  Fortunately, their birthdays are around Easter and Hobby Lobby had these little paper crates and Easter basket filler for half off.  Yea!  First, I put all the items together to coordinate the colors.  In order to elevate the smaller items, I rolled the bottom of the flip flops.  This also lowered the back of the flip flops to make the whole group more balanced. I used the Easter basket filler to keep all the items in place and then they were done.

Easy, fabulous items if you are having a small birthday party.

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