3 Ingerdient Slime

My daughter’s class was learning about economics.  A fun way was for the kids to make a project, track their costs, [...]

Baby Shower Diaper Bouquet – DIY

Supplies needed: vase foam ball roll of tulle bamboo skewers (I used 12” and cut each but my [...]

Spa Birthday Party Favors

My daughters have close birthdays and the poor things have had to share a birthday their whole lives!  They both [...]

Using Architectural Salvage in Decor

I really like old pieces of furniture.  I love the craftsmanship,  look,  and feel  of old salvage.  I feel this [...]

DIY Felt Poodle Skirts

The girls school decided on a 50’s themed Father/Daughter dance.  I needed a poodle skirt.  I initially was [...]

Cortigila Tennis Bags

I have been in love with the tennis bags this company has designed for years.  The company is owned by by a lady who [...]

Epic Harry Potter Party Ideas

I love Harry Potter.  My kids love Harry Potter. So when we decided to have a home birthday party, we knew which [...]

How We Cut Cable and Save $150 per Month!

We did it. We got rid of cable and I'm here to tell you, my family survived. We chose to give this a try after flipping [...]

HP Monster Book IPad Cover

So what is a mother to do when her wonderful child says she wants a monster book of monsters iPad cover?  Search [...]

Universal Orlando Travel Tips

I am not sure if you have noticed but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. It started with the first movie, and turned ugly. [...]

Roundtop Antique’s Weekend Visiting Tips

About 90 miles west of Houston, TX there is an outstanding antique marketplace that involves several small cities [...]

Use Ebates for all your Online Shopping

I know I have a blog on how to make money on your vacations using ebates but make sure you are also using it for Black [...]

Epic app has ebooks for kids under 12 for $5/month!

I am really behind on adding posts.  Sorry!  I have been working on a ton of projects but haven't had the time or [...]